There are many Leadership Development packages and workshops available.

What you want is one that works.

Here’s an example of one that does.

Don’t take our word for it, here is what clients have said:

The best, most motivational, most practical course I have ever attended. The course has substance and value therefore has a good shelf life. As a result of the course our Managers now know exactly what they need to do to improve the way they manage their people.

There are five phases to Leaders in Business.

Phase One: Developing the 360 degree feedback tool.

This should be structured around a framework of Values or Competencies. There are three options:

  1. We have a universal instrument built around a set of values which from twenty years experience we have found to be relevant to most organisations.
  2. The selection of those items from a menu you feel are important to your organisation thereby producing a customised instrument.
  3. Alternatively we can work with you to develop your own framework and a completely personalised instrument.

Phase Two: Distributing the instrument.

Each delegate collects 360° feedback. They typically get this from their boss, their peers, their staff and themselves. This is obtained by the completion of a questionnaire, distribution of which can be ‘paper based’ or on line.

Once completed the data is analysed using the Vector approach that identifies each individual’s relative strengths and weaknesses. Our unique analysis means that no one gets all negatives and so becomes de-motivated and no one receives all positives and so becomes complacent. Feedback reports/graphs are produced that are interpreted at phase three.

Phase Three: Workshop – 2 days.

This is a two day workshop where participants receive their 360° feedback, establish their relative strengths and weaknesses and develop their action plan. We also include key inputs/exercises based on an analysis of the group’s development areas.

Phase Four: Follow up (1) – 1 day.

Some six weeks after Phase Three all participants come together for a further day. Here progress on actions is discussed and action plans revised. Additional topics such as Managing Change and Team Working are introduced and actions put in place for the following weeks.

Phase Five: Follow up (2) – ½ day.

Six weeks later the group reconvenes for a half day, reviews actions and where appropriate progress on applying the change management and team concepts. On going support groups would also be set up which would continue to meet for the next year.